Python cryptocurrency trading bot

As a fun toy to explore trading, I built a “flipper” cryptocurrency trading bot in python for the Bittrex exchange. It has a trading strategy of attempting to flip between two cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and NEO, in hopes to obtain a small position growth each time it flips. Of course, this is just a very basic “strategy” and you will certainly need to modify it to avoid getting stuck on a losing bet.

To give my flipper a bit more robust capabilities, it does attempt to auto-resume if the program crashes. It also has an amount of time to wait before canceling a “flip” and trying again. It is far from perfect… Currently, I am stuck on a trade for the past two months and see no chance it will ever complete the flip. Luckily, both currency pairs are up compared to the dollar – so I win either way. Have fun but be safe!

You can explore the latest code in my repository here:

Big thanks to the community building and supporting the python-bittrex python api liberary!

Happy trading!

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