Using MQTT on with IBM Watson IoT Platform

I helped add a javascript MQTT plugin to the free IoT visualization platform freeboard.ioMQTT is an ISO standard publish-subscribe protocol for fast and secure IoT communications over TCP/IP. While there are many options for messaging, MQTT is excellent for many common IoT use cases. The IBM Watson IoT Platform provides a way to scale from free to full featured with many advanced security and integration features built in to their MQTT broker. Here is a quick demo of how to get started using MQTT IoT messaging in freeboard without requiring any programming, installation, or cost.

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Cloud orchestration with terraform in Aliyun for an IoT cloud deployment

Aliyun Logo

Automating cloud deployments around the world can become very tedious because each cloud provider API has quirks. Luckily, the world is moving beyond declarative cloud deployment automation into procedural orchestration. I’ll show how to Hashicorp’s terraform for an example IoT cloud deployment in the fastest growing cloud in the world: Alibaba’s “Aliyun” cloud, based out of China.
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Security, standards, and frameworks for industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Trust

As the world moves towards embracing the internet of things for industrial assets, the importance of considering security cannot be understated. Industrial IoT poses unique challenges to security in combining Information Technology security with Operational Technology security. Many of these assets were designed to serve critical functions and their reliability is paramount. All of the systems that power our modern lives are undergoing a revolution where they will be controlled or interact with software. Assets will be connected to the internet for updates, pushing data, or even remote control. How can we make these industrial IoT systems secure by design?

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Trying AT&T Flow Designer with IBM Watson IoT

The AT&T IoT Platform’s “Flow” at has recently announced they support IBM Bluemix with Watson IoT Platform. This is a great hybrid cloud strategy for IoT. After taking a quick look, the flow platform is an impressively customized version of Node-RED. Let’s take it for a spin!

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Getting started with LoRa using a LoPy for IoT


When a colleague first told me about LoRa, I was skeptical that it was even real. I can use a small handheld device to transmit messages up to 40km to another device for free? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. Of course, there is a catch – less bandwidth. But who cares? If all I need to send from my IoT device is perhaps some longitude, latitude, and basic sensor data — LoRa is a great technology.

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